DarkClan is one of the four original Main Clans, and is best known for their paranioa. DarkClan is the only Clan to have moved their camp after the establishing of Clan territories after the Unified Clan disolved into the four Main Clans. This move was influenced by fear of AbyssClan following MoonClan's disappearance.



Forest TerritoriesEdit

The DarkClan forest territories are located in what is now DewClan territory, at the base of the Dark Mountains.

  • Camp
  • Borders

Mountain TerritoriesEdit

The DarkClan mountain territories are located on the far side of the second closest mountain in the Dark Mountains.

  • Camp - 
  • Borders -

Significant HistoryEdit

  • Camp Relocation
  • Clan Rebellion - Clan Divided
  • Alliance With Sub-Dwellers
  • Alliance With AbyssClan
  • Sub-Dwellers Attack DarkClan
  • Death of Thornstar - Clan Rebellion Wins
  • Territory Set on Fire

Significant LeadersEdit

  • Darkstar
  • Clawstar
  • Thornstar
  • Redstar (current leader)

Significant DeputiesEdit

  • Patchfoot
  • Greystorm
  • Thornfoot (Thornstar)
  • Redfall (Redstar)
  • Hollowstripe (current deputy)

Significant Medicine CatsEdit

  • Stoneblaze
  • Silvernose
  • Mistlight (current medicine cat)
  • Frostshine (current medicine cat apprentice)