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Daystar is a large golden tom with a fleck of black on the tip of his tail and black paws with blue eyes.


Leader; Preceded by no one, Succeeded by Dewstar.

Life As a RogueEdit

The LeagueEdit

Daystar was a member of the League. A signifigant moment during this time was Daystar's relationship with a she-cat called Darka.

Life in TawnyClanEdit

Joining TawnyClan

Daystar was a member of TawnyClan for roughly one year as a warrior called Daystream.

Relationship With GlaciercloudEdit

It is noted that Daystream and Glaciercloud were both once members of the League. Though the two once had a close relationship, Glaciercloud eventually drifted away from Daystream, by Lokistar's suggestion.


During the battles against the League, Daystream became convinced that he was a danger to TawnyClan. Bearing that in mind, Daystream fell into depression and fled TawnyClan.


Reformation In an effort ot prove Lokistar wrong, Daystream sought out fellow rogues and loners in an effort to rebuild the lost Clan DewClan. He reclaimed DewClan's old territories and fashioned himself leader of DewClan. He received his nine lives from StarClan, earning the name Daystar.

Eclipse the White TigerEdit

While the full story remains unknown, Daystar was taught in the ways of a leader by a White Tiger called Eclipse. Following the 4th Gathering Eclipse and her associate Astrepa the Fox, having appeared at the Gathering, went to DewClan territory with the DewClan Gathering patrol. Eclipse and Astrepa lived with DewClan for about a moon before Eclipse and Astrepa died under unknown circumstances.

Alliance With MudBloodClanEdit

In an effort to protect his Clan and to have power over the other Clans, Daystar agreed with Falecall's proposal.

Change of HeartEdit


Daystar met his end in AbyssClan territory when he was impaled on a falling log.


  • Sister: Nightpaw (deceased)


Windblow Windblow was decribed as a long-furred gray tom with gray eyes. Little is known about this tom or his impact on DewClan, and he died under unknown circumstances.


Dewdrop was named deputy shortly after Windblow's disappearance and remained fiercely loyal to Daystar.

Medicine CatsEdit