The Distant Lands are the territories further than three days away from the Clan territories.

The Barren LandsEdit

Characterized by secret science experiments that have polluted the forests surrounded by frozen mountains, the Barren Lands were designed to be considered one of the most inhospitable territories for the Clans. The description reads, "If you reach here you are truly lost."

The Barren Lands are, surprisingly, a realistic territory, with its thriving forest and sudden icey mountains categorized IRL as a Highland Climate.

Gray Sky StonesEdit

Current Site Description: A long, treacherous mountain range, beyond the Quarantine Zone. Head North in this range long enough, you'll come across a two-leg place, riddled with sorrow and disease. Beyond that, you'll find four clans, descendants of a group of traitors in the Clans of Legend, long since exiled. (Being four Clans that do not currently exist)

The Gray Sky Stones are a continuation of