Goldpaw is a dark orange tabby tom with dark amber eyes.

Life in the Frost ForestsEdit

Goldpaw was taken to the Frost Forests with the DarkClan Rebellion when he was very young. He lived there for eight months.

Return to DarkClanEdit

Goldpaw returned to DarkClan for the first time in nearly a full year when the DarkClan Rebellion went to take over DarkClan.


  • Father: Thornstar (deceased)
  • Mother: Blueblossom
  • Sister/Littermate: Silverpaw
  • Sister: Robinsong (MIA)
  • Half-Sister: Sunmist
  • Brother/Littermate: Bronzepaw
  • Brother: Jaycall
  • Half-Brother: Gorseclaw
  • Uncle: Redstar
  • Grandfather: Graystorm (deceased)
  • Grandmother: Dawnfur (deceased)