(Not to be confused with DarkClan's Healer Mistlight,) Mistjay is a pale silver tabby she-cat with dark green eyes, and strange bluejay-like scars on her face, chest, and legs.


Medicine Cat Apprentice; Predeceded by no one.

Medicine Cat; Preceded by Jayleaf.

Early LifeEdit


Life in DewClanEdit


Omens, Prophecies, Visions, and DreamsEdit


When Mistjay was still an apprentice, she shared the following dream with StarClan:

Mistpaw opened her eyes, before her she saw hungry red flames, leaping and demolishing the trees that once stood strong.Where am I? Mistpaw wondered, she didn't feel at all safe here, a giant tree creaked, Mistpaw gasped, the tree gave way and fell towards her. Fear stricken, Mistpaw raced forwards to get away from the leaping flames, she doged the trees that threatened to fall ontop of her. She skidded to a stop, there was a star, Mistpaw began to relax a little, but there was something wrong... the star was moving downwards. That star's falling! Mistpaw quickly turned tail and fled, but then she began to fall.
The lights from the flames and the star were long out of her sight, Mistpaw continued to fall into the black darkness. "Starclan help me!" She yowled, but Mistpaw doubted they could hear her, she felt too far away from them. The darkness threatened to swallow her up, Mistpaw was too scared to see where or if this falling would end. Jayleaf help me! as Roleplayed by Ezziestar

This dream correlates with a prophecy Jayleaf received.