Mousestar is a small, compact, wiry, dark brown tabby she-cat with thick fur.

Wikia NotesEdit

The canon version of Mousefur's life is fully illustrated in the excellent official Warriors Wikia:

All canon backstory leading up to the events of the alternate Darkest Hour can be found there.

Alternate The Darkest HourEdit

Following the defeat of the Clans and the death of Firestar and the other leaders and deputies, Mousefur and very few cats of ThunderClan, and an apprentice from ShadowClan, fled back to ThunderClan's camp. Once there they told the cats of ThunderClan that it was time to flee the Forest. She told them that Firestar had named her deputy after Whitestorm and Graystripe had died, but whether this is true remains unknown. Regardless, StarClan gave her nine lives at Mouthermouth, and named her Mousestar of ThunderClan.


Cause of death remains unknown.


Longtail/star Longtail served under Mousestar for many seasons. The two became close friends and were an excellent team all throughout Mousestar's leadership.

Medicine CatsEdit

Cinderpelt Brightheart Dawnclaw


  • Father: Halftail (deceased)
  • Mother: One-Eye (deceased)
  • Brother: Runningwind (deceased)