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Scourge (also called 'Sinface' and 'Plaag' and 'King') is the eldest son of the former King of AbyssClan, Shadowstar, and brother to the Prince, Loveless.

Early LifeEdit

Sin of Scourge was born as "Sin" to an unnamed she-cat. He was told that he was the she-cat's Master, Woebringer's, son because that is what Woebringer believed to be true at the time.

Because of his blue eyes Sin was ridiculed and bullied, resulting in him having white, long, verticle scars over his eyes.

After taking an enemy's life when he was one year old, Sin earned his Warrior name: Sinface.

Rise to the ThroneEdit

Significant UnderlingsEdit

As WarriorEdit

  • Cold
  • Dauntless

As KingEdit

  • Paleclaw (Lord of CityClan)
  • Cunningheart (Protector)
  • Fresh (Protector)