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A Wikia dedicated to the fan-based RPG 'The Outcast Warriors'. The Outcast Warriors is a text-based RPG based off of Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.

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The Outcast Warriors RPG, while based off of a world that is straight-forward, has a complex story that is tedious to explain. So this site is for those with a billion questions! :D

NOVEMBER 13 2015: The site has reached it's new era! Help us out by RPing with us!

- Longstorm

JULY 5 2013: On the off chance anyone comes out here to check, YES, all forummotion websites appear to be down. We don't know when The Outcast Warriors will be back up - but we hope it's very soon! Hang in there.

- Longstorm

July 6: All is right with the world, maintenance is over, all sites are up!

- Longstorm

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